Know your home.

Property reports

From neighbourhood insights to demographics and property
values, our reports provide everything you need to know
about a home.

Example of a property report

Property platform

Powering your client experience from search to sale. Discover how the Homicity property platform can help increase sales, speed up time and generate more revenue.

What’s included in a property report?

We help you understand everything you need to know about a property, it’s surroundings, risk, value and more.

Property values

Get your property’s value or value range with our basic and premium reports. We provide the details to validate a value.

What’s nearby

Make sure your property meets your livability requirements. See what’s nearby a property from schools, parks, shopping and more.


We provide the demographics and makeup of a neighbourhood so you know who your neighbours are and if it’s the right place for you.

Risk association

Understand the risk associated with a property from crime to floods to fire. This will help determine insurance costs for the future.

Comparable properties

We’ll show you current and comparable property listings in the area  so you can understand the current real estate market.

Past sales

View the past sales in the neighbourhood and city to help understand the current real estate market and how to price your home.




  • Value range
  • Demographics
  • Market trends
  • What's nearby


  • Property value
  • Past sales
  • Current listings
  • Future value
  • + Basic