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Welcome to Saskatoon

Saskatoon is the largest city in Saskatchewan and the province’s cultural and economic hub. With a growing population of over 245 000 people, this prairie powerhouse is quickly becoming known as a family-friendly city with heritage, culture, and a booming economy.

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Fun facts

  • Local slang is some of the most unique in Canada; for example, a hooded sweatshirt is referred to as a ‘bunnyhug’.

  • Saskatoon is named after the Saskatoon berry, a sweet reddish/purple berry that grows in the wild and is commonly used in james, pies, and deserts.

  • Motor racing is a popular sport among the locals.

  • The city has more Tim Hortons per capita than any other place in Canada.

  • The Saskatoon area was inhabited by Canada’s indigenous peoples long before European settlement; today, the city has the second highest percentage of individuals identifying as Aboriginal in Canada.

What to expect

This friendly prairie city boasts entertainment, nightlife, a booming economy, and a unique culture that’s unlike any other.

What not to expect

To get away without a scraper in your car.