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Welcome to London

London is a mid-sized city in southwestern Ontario. With a population of just under 400, 000, London is the largest municipality in Ontario. Located at the junction of Highway 401 and 402, London serves as the centre of healthcare, education, culture, sports, and industry in southwestern Ontario.

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Fun facts

          • London has a rich literary tradition and holds a writers festival annually. Famous London authors include Kelly Armstrong, Bonnie Burnard, and Emma Donoghue.
          • Neighbouring St. Thomas, which is a part of the municipality of London, is known as the Railway City due to the many railroads that pass through it.
          • The famous Jumbo the elephant, said to be the largest circus elephant at the time, died in St. Thomas in 1885. A commemorative statue of Jumbo now stands in the town square.
          • The London Knights, a professional hockey team, were the Ontario Hockey League and Memorial Cup champions in 2004-2005 and again in 2015–2016.
          • Sir Frederick Grant Banting, co-discoverer of insulin and Nobel laureate, practised in London. 
          • Ryan Gosling, the Golden-Globe award-winning actor, was born and raised in London.

          What to expect

          This friendly city boasts a thriving economy, world-class educational institutions, and some of the best music festivals outside of Toronto!

          What not to expect

          To complete everyday errands with public transit.