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Calgary is Alberta’s largest city and one of most livable cities in the world. With a population of 1,239,220, Calgary is the third largest municipality in Canada. As a prairie city, Calgary enjoys plenty of sunshine and stunning mountain views. Situated just 80 kilometres east of the front ranges of the Canadian Rockies, Calgary lies within the shadow of the largest mountain range in Canada.

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Fun facts

  • Wind farms generate the electricity necessary to operate the C Train. It is the first wind-powered transit system, and it is free to use in the downtown core.

  • The city has a network of heated footbridges that allow residents to walk around the downtown area during the winter.

  • Calgary was the first Canadian city to host the Olympic games in 1988.

  • Nellie McClung, Canadian writer, suffragette, and activist, was a native of Calgary.

  • Locals only pay 5% on Goods and Services since there is no provincial sales tax.

  • During hockey season, the prevalence of Calgary Flames fans in the team’s red jerseys has earned downtown Calgary the nickname of the ‘Red Mile’.

What to expect

With its high quality of life, this global city in the heart of the Prairies will surprise you.

What not to expect

Long summers.

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