This custom Overbrook home maximizes space to perfection

Take a peek inside 1037 North River Road, our featured home of the month.

By Homicity

Aug 30, 2018

This custom Overbrook home maximizes space to perfection

In the neighbourhood of Overbrook, a single family home down in 1037 North River Road is a one-of-a-kind residence. It is finished to the specifications of the last owners making it a custom home of the highest standard compared to those in the area. Built in 2017, all details are polished with high-quality materials.

Because of its custom quality, the design can be described as clever. Why clever? Simply because space is put to its maximum use without comprising the look and cozy feeling of the home. The materials and the use of light colours even make the space look like there is a little more room to breathe in. It is a true accomplishment of custom design.

The house is located in Ottawa, a few minutes from the Rideau River, bike paths and the downtown core of the city. We’ll take you on a tour of this wonderful 3 bed and 3 bathroom townhouse.

The entrance brings in the first rays of natural light while the white walls keep the light and airy atmosphere. You can start to see the high-quality finishes that will keep turning up at every corner. Some homes leave a good impression as soon as you step on them and this one is no exception.



Once you have been led through the first hallway and into the first living room, you then walk into the open space that gained the reputation of clever design. In this room, you can see how space has been maximized with flawless execution. The hallway is used as extra seating space, and there are endless storage opportunities.

Living Room


The white oak hardwood material is carried beyond the flooring and into the walls and cabinets, but other details catch the eye like the glass walls.



The kitchen is spacious with quartz countertops and unique chandeliers on top of the massive kitchen island. For those who are looking to entertain, the kitchen offers the space to host guests in an overflowing layout with vertical windows that overlooks a park.



The house is not only an example of ingenious design, but it also has two unique amenities. In one room you have a home gym and a sauna for those who like to stay active.

Sauna and gym


The home also features two balconies where you can enjoy any summer day. One of the balconies has a fireplace and overlooks the front entrance, while the other one has a garden that helps bring life to the hardwood flooring details.


When you step into the backyard, you have eye-catching displays of greenery and landscape design. It is the ideal spot for a home garden, and it is another alternative for a summer gathering where guests can enjoy some shade.


This home is currently on the market. Save the listing in your Homicity dashboard and contact Charles Sezlik to catch a tour of this one-of-a-kind residence.

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