3 essential tips for house hunting

Searching for a house online is the first step to owning a home. The second is visiting them in person to see if they fit your needs. Here, we’ll let you know some house hunting tips.

By Homicity

Jun 19, 2018

3 essential tips for house hunting

So, you finally started house hunting! Congrats.

Searching for a house online is the first step to owning a home. The second is visiting them in person to see if they fit your needs. Stepping into a house for sale and thinking “this is the one” is what you are aiming. It sounds too good to be true. 

We are not here to discourage you, but to tell you to keep your feet in the ground just for a short while. After hours of searching and planning, you want to jump into the first house you tour with your agent. Here, we’ll let you know some house hunting tips. 

1. Don’t trust your memory 

Human memory is not very reliable. We tend to forget things all the time, and even the most important ones can slip our minds. Distractions will happen when you tour a potential home. So, before you start your house hunt, sit down and write all your absolute must-haves that guided you through your first online search. Is it an open concept kitchen? A spacious laundry room? Write them down and put your priorities at the top. Checklists should never be underrated. 

Extra tip: Now that you have your checklist, bring pen and paper to sketch the floor plan. Your memory might remember that master bedroom differently, so this will help you decide when you are comparing properties. 

2. Take a peek at the neighbourhood 

Neighbourhoods define quality of life for homeowners. The drive towards the house is essential. Pay attention to nearby amenities, parks, schools and hospitals. But keep in mind that good neighbourhoods are not only about these things. Step beyond the traditional neighbourhood checklist and look out for other aspects in the area. I’ll give you an example: if you are in the city, parking regulations for you and your visitors might the different than those in the suburbs. 

And of course, your neighbours. If privacy is essential for you check the distance between the property and the neighbour’s house, noise levels and whether any of their windows are directly facing yours. Natural light means nothing if you keep the curtains closed. 

3. Look beyond the staging

Staging is the art of making houses look more appealing to potential home buyers. But appearances can be deceiving. Red flags might not be as noticeable with the décor around. Tour the house to see if anything would need repairs. Your list should include water stains, plumbing, roofs, windows, doors, electrical wires, faucets, water pressure, and foundation cracks. 

Staging might also make space look different depending on the furniture. Measure your own furniture beforehand and bring that measuring tape to see if a reclinable massage chair fits comfortably in your future bedroom.

House hunting brings you closer every day to being a homeowner. Do some research on the type of property you want and start your search




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