20 gift ideas for new homeowners

We have a list of essentials and other extras that every homeowner should have under their Christmas tree.

By Homicity

Dec 19, 2018

20 gift ideas for new homeowners

The holidays are here and so is the gift-buying season. Thinking what to buy each of your loved ones can be a daunting task. You have to think about what they like, dislike and what they need in their lives. If you have a friend or family member that recently became a homeowner, the list of gift ideas for new homeoweners is right here. We have a list of essentials and other extras that every homeowner should have under their Christmas tree.

Celebrate their move during the holiday season with one these gifts:


Google Home

1. Google Home

This little device is a helper to every homeowner. It is a hands-free assistant that helps you tackle your day and enjoy entertainment. Thanks to its voice control and integration to home automation devices, any house can turn a smart home.

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2. Ecovacs Deebot Vacuum Cleaning Robot

Nobody likes to vacuum. With all the dust and filth that comes in and out of every room, sometimes it becomes a daily task. But thankfully technology is advanced enough to bring little robots to your home. The Ecovacs Deebot vacuum robot can clean entire levels of your home automatically. You can set schedules and custom cleaning preferences from your smartphone. Just let it do the work for you.

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3. Cookware

A brand new kitchen is exciting. It is the perfect place to experiment with new flavours, recipes and home cooking gadgets. If you know your recent homeowner is keen on being a chef, a kit with the essentials is the perfect gift as long as they agree to prepare a meal for you!

Find cookware


Home decor

4. Home decor

With new furniture to buy, appliances to install and mortgage to pay, home decor is marked as an unnecessary expense. However, decor can bring a room to life and add a bit of personality to the home. Get them decor pieces that they can mix-and-match in any room - or just an IKEA gift card could do.

See home decor


Cheese boards

5. Personalized cheese boards

Since it’s the time for parties and get-togethers, every new homeowner wants to become a host for at least one night. And a personalized cheese board can be the perfect gift this season. This is a gift that they’ll use again and again as homeowners. Every time they host a party, they’ll get their engraved cheese boards, and you’ll feel proud of yourself while they cut fancy cheeses and offer them to the guests.

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6. Wine

A bottle of wine is a common housewarming gift that any homeowner appreciates. You can help your friends build their inaugural liquor cabinet by bringing a high-quality wine, like a racy Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand or an Italian Pinot Grigio.

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Amazon Fire stick

7. Amazon Fire TV Stick

A Fire TV Stick is an easy way to access online entertainment. It offers a wide selection of moves, TV series, games and over 4,000 apps. From Netflix to YouTube, everything they need for a night in or a movie night with friends is right there.

Get a streaming stick


Oil diffuser

8. Essential oil diffuser

An essential oil diffuser is not only for aromatherapy. It also functions as air purifiers and mist humidifiers.  The automatic release of oils keeps the fragrance throughout the house and during the day. By purifying the air around, these diffusers help create the perfect atmosphere for relaxation after a hard day’s work.

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9. Dinnerware

As a new homeowner, hosting dinners is a must. A new dinner plate set is a gift that they’ll use in different occasions like when they’re hosting parties, during Thanksgiving or simply having dinner for two.

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Garden tool set

10. Garden tool set

The homeowner is your life might have a garden to maintain once the summer comes along. Give them a garden tool set that includes a pruner, weeder, trowel, cultivator and more. Their garden will look pristine and well-preserved thanks to your thoughtful gift.  

Get a garden set


Smart light bulbs

11. Smart light bulbs

Saving energy and money go hand in hand with smart light bulbs. It is a great gadget to monitor and control electricity consumption. This lighting system can be controlled from a smartphone and Google Home to switch off all the lights without lifting a finger!

Find smart light bulbs


Photo frames

12. Photo frames  

Photos help us remember the memories that shaped us, and frames display them in your home. Give your friend nice and unique photo frames - and one with a picture of yourself with them.

See unique photo frames


Indoor plants

13. Indoor plants 

Every home needs indoor plants. Plants look great, but they also reduce carbon dioxide levels and increase humidity. Try getting your fellow homeowner a plant they can care for like succulents, an orchid, a bonsai or a cactus.

Find indoor plants 


Grill set

14.  Grill gift set

Summertime is the season for barbecues. If the homeowner in your life is lucky enough to have a backyard, they are probably planning a barbecue once it’s warm outside. A grill set is a suitable gift for the avid grill master. It includes everything they need for the perfect BBQ.

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15. Monogrammed doormat

Once you step foot in a property, a doormat can give you a hint of the personality of the homeowners. Find them a monogrammed doormat that fits their character. It could be something funny along the lines of “Please, hide all packages from my husband” or something a little more classy like their initials, either way, they’ll appreciate how much you truly know them.

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new home sign

16. New home sign

Achieving homeownership is a big goal for any family. A handcrafted and fashioned sign from solid wood with printed letters can give their home a rustic and cozy atmosphere. They can even be customized with unique design and message.

Find personalized home signs


city map

17.  City map wall poster

Detailed city maps can add a bit of sophistication when framed on a wall. It is perfect for those who want a stylish room with a print of their hometown, their current city or just a country they want to visit someday.

Find map prints of any city


Cocktail set

18. Cocktails set

Impress them with a Caesar cocktail set that they’ll be able to use to create the tastiest Canadian drink during any holiday party. The set comes with a glass, a rimmer and one jigger, plus a printed recipe!

Find a cocktail gift set



19. NutriBullet Blender

Every year, new resolutions are put to the test. But with a powerful blender, keeping healthy goals can be possible. Try giving a NutriBullet, a mixer with 600 watts of power that makes it easy to extract nutrition from whole foods.

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20.  Decorative pillows

This Christmas one the best gifts could be a decorative pillow made from the durable textiles. Printed patterns or solid colours are easy to match to any sofa and other cushions.

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Whether you get the oil diffuser or some home decor, you can congratulate first-time homeowners with one of these items. These holiday and housewarming gifts will be welcomed into their new home. 






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