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Homicity is a marketplace for your home and a search engine for everything real estate.

All about Homicity

At Homicity, we use the latest technology to connect consumers with real estate and home professionals in their neighbourhood to help them buy, sell, and rent. Helping you shop for your home is what we do best, but it’s not all we do.

Homicity is a platform where you can find the latest listings and mortgage rates, sure, but it’s also a resource with the information necessary to make the most of your home. Using artificial intelligence and big data, we are building the future of homeownership and real estate.

Get to know Homicity

Who we are: A marketplace with millions of users and partnered with top real estate brands

Homicity was founded in the Ottawa capital region with the goal of empowering consumers and creating a market that puts you first. We are a real estate platform driven to innovate, and thanks to the latest technology, we are building a real estate marketplace for everyone.

We created Homicity to help homeowners find and compare everything they need for their home, all in one place. As homeowners, we found the current process to be frustrating, from the need to visit multiple websites to the lack of transparency. We wanted to create an open marketplace for people to find and hire home professionals.

When we’re not running around from meeting to meeting, you can find us at Bayview Yards. As a part of the Invest Ottawa Accelerator Program, we have the guidance of government agencies and resources to create the ultimate database for home and real estate.

What we do: Create informed decisions, not influenced ones

Homicity is, first and foremost, and marketplace. We’re driven by innovation to revolutionize the industry with real-time data for the benefit of both home buyers and real estate professionals.

Searching and comparing properties, mortgages, insurance, and local home pros is just the first step. We build tools and services, like our smart search engine, to provide consumers with the data insights necessary to make informed decisions.

How we do it: Partnerships, tech... and lots of hard work

As a startup, we don’t lack ambition. Property tech (“proptech”) is changing the real estate landscape, and you can bet that we are ready for it. Using the latest technology, we’re always building new tools and services for you!

As well, Homicity partners with hundreds of leading brands to help you shop smarter and faster. By partnering with so many home and real estate professionals, Homicity is able to provide you with the best options in your area, all in one place.

How does Homicity know which services are available in your area?

It’s all thanks to our technology – using AI to location data, we are able to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information.

One of the biggest challenges that we saw was people trying to find home and real estate professionals who work in their local area. So, everything we do is created around locations, from helping you find neighbourhood experts to providing you with neighbourhood insights.

Why we’re different: It’s all about you

Homicity focuses on building tools based on what’s important to you, like:

  • Personal property search and comparison tools to help you find your perfect home
  • Integrated dashboard to manage your home and real estate needs
  • Mortgage calculators to inform your home buying and ownership budgets

At Homicity, we believe in an open data approach. We are constantly looking for new market information so you don’t have to. We want to give you everything you need to make an informed decision with insights on each neighbourhood, property, mortgage, and more.

Get to know Homicity

Our team

At Homicity, we are a dynamic and passionate team of software developers, marketing experts, sales specialists, and customer service representatives.

Our team is building the largest real estate network, and we are always welcoming new talent. If you’re interested in joining the Homicity team, check out our career opportunities.

Our tech

Homicity uses the latest and greatest technology to bring you accurate, up-to-date information on everything home and real estate.

We use artificial intelligence to get you the best results, so you can shop smarter and faster!

Real estate agent frequently asked questions

What does Homicity sell?

Homicity functions as a marketing partner for home and real estate professionals, providing them with marketing and advertising services.

Why use Homicity?

With full transparency, we give you the information necessary to make better decisions about your home, whether you’re a home buyer, seller, owner, or renter.

Is there a fee for using Homicity?

Homicity is entirely free for consumers. It is also free for industry professionals to use and list their services in our directory, with options to add-on paid business features.

How does Homicity make money?

Homicity makes money by providing home and real estate professionals with advertising services.

Who looks after my account?

We believe that the consumer should be “in the driver’s seat”. So, we provide you with the resources and support to help you take control of your homeownership journey.

Is my information secure?

We take your privacy very seriously. All your personal information is secured on our encrypted servers.

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Whether you are looking for the perfect home, mortgage, insurance policy, real estate agents or home service professional, Homicity makes it easy to compare your options from coast to coast.

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